Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11, 2015

I am so tired this morning ... but, lots to do.

My mom just noticed that the mourning doves are nesting in the basket they used last year. Sadly, one of the local feral cats got the hatchlings last year. I fear that will happen again, but I have no way to prevent it where the nest is.

I need to shred more paper. Used up all my stockpile. I want to scrub out the hamsters' rooms today ...

Just got home from the co-op Tasting Fair. Found some yummy stuff. I bought one of the sampled foods. Really good Balsamic Pepper Fig spread. I'm having some right now on a plain rice cracker with Farmer's cheese and a pecan on top. Mmmm. The Orange Fig spread was really good, too.
There were a couple of others I wanted to get, but not enough money ... A really good seaweed snack and some other spreads. I didn't like a couple of the samples ... a coconut curry and tikka masala sauces. Not a fan. I really liked the blueberry balsamic vinegar and olive oils I tried, but too expensive right now.

My mom and I took the old recliner apart this morning before I started cleaning rabbit cages. Got it broke down enough to fit the pieces in the back seat and the trunk! Took it all to the bulk waste drop-off event at the fairgrounds and then headed to the co-op after that.

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