Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

I have not done my taxes ... and, I don't want to ... I am going to owe money as I refuse to join in the mandatory deathcare scam ... :/ So, of course, I am getting penalized ...

I got one store serviced today and also went to the co-op for bunny greens. But, I am out of gas again ...

This afternoon, the magician from Tahoe is supposed to come buy some of my doves. Hope he does, so I can fill up the gas tank and maybe have enough left over to get an oil change on the car ... we'll see!

Ah, magician is on his way. Should be here in a couple hours. :) Gives me time to change the paper in the cages before he comes.

I had to toss the puzzle I bought at the thrift store the other day ... 13!!! pieces missing. I've actually had pretty good luck over the years getting puzzles from thrift stores. But, not with this one ... :(
Ugh! I'm still trying to get my tax transcripts from the IRS so I can continue to get the discount on my utilities ... and, I keep getting errors on their website and having to start over!

No joy today from the IRS website ... I'm screwed.

Getting a headache.

Doves are out on the deck waiting for their new person to come and getting some fresh air.

OMG!! The magician is such a sweetie! And, he's from Barcelona!! He bought the doves for his 6-year-old daughter who wants to learn magic like her daddy. He said she already knows balloon tricks and cup tricks and some card tricks, but she wants to work on dove tricks, too. He's keeping five of the doves for himself as back-up to the doves he already has, but two of them are just for her. He said he'd send me videos of them!
This is an image of Pablo and a couple of his doves from his website.

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