Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015

I'm home! The bike ride went great! I think it was more like 30 miles than 25, but I haven't mapped it to be sure. We left the Bike Garage about 9:15. There were ten of us! Our biggest group and our first male member. We found some new roads and paths that none of us had been on before, which made it a lot of fun. We got to the Farmers Market around 10:30. Shopped for about an hour and had lunch. Met back at the bike racks, then some went back the way we came, some stayed and I went to the co-op and rode my usual road home. I really enjoyed it and hope we do it again.
Getting ready to ride at the Bike Garage.
Crossing over Highway 113
We made it to the Davis Farmer's Market
After I left the Farmer's Market, I went to the co-op and then headed for home. I stopped at the Davis Cemetary to take some pictures for an email photo swap.
For the swap, I had to find some animals in cemetaries. So, I found a cow.
And, I found a lamb.
I'm not sure of the history of this cemetary, but I'm guessing it was started in 1855 and was later upgraded with the fencing in 1941.
I was a bit disappointed not to see the local 'cemetary turkeys' that live in the area. Davis has a couple of flocks of wild turkeys that roam the area. I see them often, just not today.
On my way home on CR102, I passed these lovely great egrets. There were about 10 of them in adjoining fields.

Just got finished cleaning the doves' cages and giving everyone fresh water. They're all drinking more with the hotter weather. I'll clean rabbit cages in the morning.

Now, to ice my knee. It started bothering me on the way home. I expected trouble with my hip that had been bothering me all week, but it's fine!

I've just been reading about trees dropping huge branches, here in Woodland. The drought is really affecting some of our elderly trees ... :(

It's still 80° at 7:30 at night in April ... I think it got up to 89° today. Tomorrow is supposed to be 92° ... Summer is going to be hell here.

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