Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Well, this is starting out as a sucky day. Migraine is still here, so I can't drive today ... So, not working or going to the co-op for bunny greens ... and, I got a response to my email from the oil company and my royalty was below $100 for the first time since I inherited it!!! So, no check this month. The amount will be added to next month's, though ... that is the drawback of gas prices being low right now, my royalties are low. It's a conundrum. I want the low gas prices, but I need a decent check! Can't have both. :/

I'll start advertising the bunnies in the next week. The small animal sale is in about 2 weeks. They will be 8 weeks old then. Those that don't sell by about 12-15 weeks will go in the freezer.
Patty and Robin will be bred this weekend. So, by the time Kayla's babies are gone, Patty will have hers'.

Ezra decided to supervise the kitchen from the cabinet shelf.
Normally, there are jars on that shelf, too. But, they're all being used. So, Ez had the whole shelf to lay in.
Well, I had a terrible oops. I was vacuuming cobwebs above my book shelves that have most of my Breyer horse collection on the top shelf ... and, some very vintage china horses that my mom got as a kid ... one of my Breyers tipped over and knocked 2 of the the china horses off. Broken legs ... :,( I may be able to put them back together. Most of the pieces are clean breaks, surprisingly ...
I'll work on them later. Listening to more Bold Venture and working on my jigsaw puzzle now. Migraine is subsiding and moving toward regular headache, finally.

Finished the puzzle.
This is a good old radio series. I'm really enjoying it.
Humphrey Bogart

I may have to take tomorrow off, too ... my head is still killing me ... I hope it is gone by morning ...

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