Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015

It's Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate? I'm planting lettuce later today. And, I am going to make sure that I start unplugging my electronics and other things when they aren't being used. I always turn them off, but many are still pulling energy if they are plugged in.

The lettuce planting is actually for an email photo swap. This week is lettuce. Luckily, I still had several varieties of lettuce seed in my stockpile, so didn't have to buy any. These did well in previous plantings. So, after I get the cages cleaned and the cable guy leaves (supposed to be here 'sometime' between 8 & 12 ...), I'll go out back and get the ground cleaned where I want to plant them. It's where I planted them two years ago and is shady most of the day. I also bought some lemon cucumber seeds last week and will probably plant some back there to grow on the fence, too.

I need to go through all of my fabric stash later and see if I have some suitable for baby bibs. If not, I need to get some fabric tomorrow. I hope to make 5 bibs for a gift. I'll just need some fat quarters and trims. I found the pattern I want to use.

I'm not happy with the cable guy. He was an idiot. He was here over two hours. It would've been quicker if I'd done it all my self. And, now, I have to go to the cable office and get the box he said I didn't need. I kept telling him that the analog TV needed it to get the channels. It gets 10 channels and the digital TV gets way more! They are both supposed to get all those channels and the analog can't without that box! He wouldn't get under the house to hook up the lines, so I found one in the living room that would work and pulled it back up through the floor. He acted like he didn't want to get his nice clothes dirty! Grrr. Nearly 20 years of dealing with Charter/Wave and he's the first ass I've dealt with in this company.

Annnnd, she's already complaining. I just want to cry.

I've spent most of the day dealing with this freakin' cable! So, I go to the office and get the digital box. Damn thing won't activate. Tried several times and the guy on the phone says to get a different one. So, I unhook everything and go back to the office and get another. This one activates. No problem with that. BUT! I am getting hundreds of channels on both TVs that I did not ask for. I just wanted local channels (NOT the extended basic line-up!) and that adds up to 44 channels total. So, tomorrow, I am going back to the office to clarify what I am paying for. I'm getting the channels I got before when I couldn't afford it! That's not what I want!

Can I scream, yet?!

Well, I didn't get any of the planting done that I wanted to do today ... :(
Flower and Bee
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There is a great need, and growing support, for the introduction of new values in our society -- where bigger is not necessarily better -- where slower can be faster -- and where less can be more.
~ Gaylord Nelson

Interesting thing happened early this morning when I was pulling the sheets off of all the rabbits' cages. When I was taking Robin's off, I saw what I thought was a tiny piece of hay on one of the clothespins that hold the sheet to his cage. I started to flick the hay off when it moved! It was the teeniest, tiniest baby praying mantis! It had to have come in on some of their food. I carefully took it outside and set it on the asparagus fern.

I got the spoke wrench I bought on eBay a few days ago. Fast delivery! I hope to take it with me on Saturday to the Bike Garage so they can teach me to use it correctly and not ruin my rim. My front tire is not 'true', meaning it isn't aligned correctly. So, the front brake pads rub on the rim unevenly and you can see it kind of wobble, even though the wheel is on tight.

I just finished watching last week's Criminal Minds on Now, I am getting ready to watch this week's episode on the TV! Haven't been able to do that for a while! And, it is Matthew Gray Gubler's most recently directed episode. The ones he directs are usually the creepiest! :)

Back to work tomorrow!

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