Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015

I'm having a 'sick day'. I'm doing nothing for anyone but me. I am not going on my bike ride, either.
I have changed cage-cleaning days to Thursday and Sunday. Last week was just too much for me, after Monday's migraine. Thursdays are hard because it's my payday, so I have to get to the bank, the farm, shop for food and work and it just all takes too damn long. I didn't get home until around 6. Then, had to eat before I could even get to my paperwork. No time to really get anything else done! I don't know how people do that every day. It's not for me. So, Thursdays will be bank, farm, shop and clean cages - not necessarily in that order. I won't be away from home nearly as long. And, then, on Saturdays, since I joined the bike group (which rides in the morning) I had shifted cage cleaning to the afternoon and it's going to be too damn hot soon ... So, they will be cleaned Sunday mornings, now. Anyway ... today, I'm only going to play online, fix a couple of things and do some sewing and put some swaps and a gift together to mail on Monday.

Getting another (regular) headache ... I think it might be from the barometric pressure going up and down. Had a rainstorm overnight and it's not clear skies, yet ... :/

Trying to repair the little china horses. Need to get something to eat, now.

Success! They stand proud again! :)
And, a snack for a late lunch ...
Rice crackers topped with goat cheese, cashew butter, half a date and cardamom.

Another long, somewhat annoying day ... my mom was being a martyr again ...

But, I fixed a lamp (Ezra or the rabbits had nibbled on the cord, so I cut out the bad part and replaced the plug end) and packaged a swap and got half-way through a gift I am making. I should be able to finish it tomorrow or Monday.
I just need to sew and stuff the hearts. And, if certain people are reading this, don't tell the new mommy and daddy what they are getting. ;) I just love that name.

I hope to get some strawberry kombucha bottled tomorrow. Not sure if I have enough sugar to re-do a whole gallon, but probably at least 2 quarts of my continuous-brew.

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