Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4, 2015

Busy morning! I took Nikky to get her rabies poison this morning. So, she is legal for the next 3 years. I need to get her license tag renewed next week. Then, we stopped at a store real quick. She was very good and watched me through the car window the whole time - 10 minutes. ;) She figured out how to climb in the front seat. I could not find her padded seatbelt harness this morning!!! I need to find it.
Came home and started cleaning cages and letting the bunnies run around. And, now, I'm having a smoothie for lunch!
I need to do some more vacuuming and then put away the puzzle I finished yesterday.
After that will be listing a couple of things in my Etsy shop ...
But, first ... bunny pics! Kayla's babies are 23 days old and this is their first time running around the room.
They're loose!
Bunny meeting Parker
There are 2 boys and 3 girls. In the blacks, there is 1 boy and 2 girls; the dark-eared Harelquin is a boy and the light-eared Harlequin is a girl.
Parker's 4 months old now!
I've been fighting a headache most of the day. I think it's barometric pressure. Very cloudy and supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope it does. We need it.

I just finished making a card for a swap. I kind of like it.

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