Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

Bacon for lunch!!! Yum.
I made some things for a swap last night with those rubber stamps. I need to clean them, but I can't find my cleaner. So, I'll have to make some ...

Just finished cleaning cages and moving them around. Had to. Sheriff kept peeing on the wall in the corner. He's no longer in the corner and the wall is scrubbed. I needed to move the doves, anyway, as I will be rearranging my craft room area and shelves soon. I need to scoot part of my office over about a foot as it is difficult to carry my heavy work pack through the narrow opening. I already broke the handle on one of my cabinets. Won't fix that until things are moved.
More bunny pics! Well, just one. Parker snuck into my office! She is such a sweet little thing.
I asked the park manager yesterday if it was allowed to eliminate our trash service. No. :( That sucks. We rarely fill our can half-way and I pass by the landfill on my way to Davis nearly every day! I hate paying $15/month for something I barely use!

It was pouring rain when I got up this morning - started late last night. So, I decided to stay home today instead of tomorrow. So, did the cages a day early.

I have so much I want to do tomorrow. Aside from the 4 stores I want to service in Sacramento. There is a plant walk at the UCD Arboretum. I had to miss it last month and I think I'll have to miss it again this month. I can't waste the gas going to Sacramento and then get to Davis by noon and then go back to Sac. to finish my stores ... oh, well ... :(

But, Thursday, I will be going to the Tuleyome event to learn about bees and honey. I'm one of the volunteers to oversee the kids in the group and take pictures. I will go to work afterward.

I think the rain storm is pretty much done. I heard thunder once about two hours ago. There was also a tornado warning up in Butte county, north of us.

As far as moving my office ... I got my exercise equipment and my printer table moved ... little-by-little it will get done. I have 4 huge book shelves I need to empty, move and refill. So, that will have to wait for another day.

I need to find some old-fashioned re-usable bottle caps for the bottles I seem to be collecting for my kombucha that don't have sling-tops. Corks won't fit the small openings. And, I don't want plastic. :/

Zihna is 1 today. I wish hamsters lived longer. She'll probably be gone by the end of the year. She's still a big sweetie. Too bad she never got pregnant. But, infertility seems to be common on the bigger hamsters. Not overweight 'big', but just over-sized big. But, I'm not breeding them, now, so it doesn't matter. They are just pets.

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