Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10, 2015

Well, YaHellGroups is acting up this morning. I can't get into the groups I own and my messages aren't going out ... I even restarted my email program and then my computer to see if it was a problem at my end ... nope.

Cage-cleaning day ... then, this afternoon I'll go on my Sunday walk in the park with Teresa. I think I'll ride my bike over to the park. I'll take my book, too.

I should update some of my online sale listings ... And, put the doe bunnies on Craigslist, etc. Tomorrow, I'll put up a flyer at the feed store in Davis and the little pet shop around the corner. Of course I am out of printer ink, so will have to write it out ...

Whew. Done with the critters, except for feeding them lunch. I'm having a smoothie-cicle first. Then, I need to get the next load of wash going.

Just got home from my walk with Teresa. She did really well - she has emphysema - and was able to talk while we walked. So glad the park has benches in decent places to rest. I did the whole walk barefoot! :) We walked for about an hour. I enjoyed myself and hope she did. We'll try to do this regularly. Stopped at BelAir and got my free and discounted fruit through my Something Extra card - love that! We'll be having strawberries and cream with the barbecue chicken I am making. Waiting for the coals to heat up.

Going to watch a silly movie with dinner. I think it will be Return of the Killer Tomatoes. :) Very young Anthony Starke. So cute. Oh, and a young guy named George Clooney ... I'm actually watching it for a swap! It's an email swap reviewing an '80s movie of my choice.

I'm half-way through barbecuing the chicken and the noisy neighbors are setting up in their carport ... crap. Hope mine gets done before they start pouring the lighter fluid ... they are already drinking and smoking ... I'll have to close my sliding door ... :(

I about got fumigated. Lighter fluid should be outlawed! Disgusting stench. And, how does it not affect the taste of the meat. Seriously! Yuck. Luckily, my food was done. So, I brought everything in, closed the lid on the barbecue and closed our doors and windows ... :( It is so hot in here, now ...

Watched the movie and that thing cracks me up every time. And, Tony is so adorable! I can so see the future Ezra P. Standish in the Chad Finletter character.

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