Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

I'm still sticking with the 30x30 challenge. I'll be going to the park again after work, so will do this.

I just listed the bunnies on Craigslist:
Hopefully, I'll get some sewing started when I get home today. I need to get a couple of panel gates made, so I can stop using the exercise pen as a gate to keep Nikky out of the critter room when I'm not home. I want to get that painted and set up outside for the rabbits to get outside time this summer. This is the gates I am making: I have everything I need, just need to put it together.

I need to screencap The Return of the Killer Tomatoes this week for the Anthony Starke group I am in. Mostly one scene section of the movie. ;)

I hate banks. I wish I didn't have to use one at all. But, since my mom's SS and my pay have to have direct deposit, I can't do without. :( Banks suck. And, they suck all your extra money ...

I made this flyer for the girl bunnies.
I stopped at GoodWill again! Found another unopened puzzle and 2 fabric pillow patterns I'm going to make to sell. I used to make a lot of those years ago. They are so easy to do. Just need to find the embellishments I want to add.
There are enough panels to make fronts for 8 pillows! I would use other matching fabric I have for the backs.

I've been waiting for this plant to bloom! It finally started blooming last night. It is the Evening Primrose. We actually had several HUNDRED growing this year from a single plant last year. But, my mom pulled them all up! I was so mad. At least she left this one. The hummingbirds love it! I plucked 3 flowers this morning that had bloomed last night and have started pressing them. There are more blooming tonight. It really is a night-blooming plant, thus the name. This is a native species. I am trying to grow all native plants to this area ... but, my mother keeps getting other stuff ... very frustrating.

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