Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015

My morning started off great! Another overdraft fee! So, now I'm -$30+ dollars ... :(

But, I got 3 stores serviced today and got home around noon! Haven't been able to do that in a while.

When I came home, I helped my mom dig up the prickly pear cacti that she decided she no longer wants ... ugh. I never wanted the darn things. I am not a fan of cactus other than seeing pictures of them in the desert - where they belong! But, there are 2 binfuls of them and I've already got a response on Craigslist. And, on a FaceBook group ... hmmm. Who will respond back first ...

Some of my plants are doing well.
The lemon tree has flowers again.
I also have 1 lemon cucumber and 3 lettuces breaking through the ground.

Damn. The cactus is sure popular. I have a long line of people responding to the ads! But, they have a taker that is coming around 6:30 (the first response.) :) I'll be glad to have them gone.

Yay. The cacti are gone! I have belladonna bulbs to give away tomorrow. Now, if I can just SELL stuff ...:/

Tomorrow's plan, IF it isn't windy is to finally get on the roof and finish painting the eaves that can't be reached by my ladder ... I hope it's not windy (today it was ...) I really want to get it done!

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