Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015

I did it! I finally finished painting the house! Other than a few touch-ups around the windows and doors ... but, I climbed up on the roof and finished painting the carport and deck eaves. Wasn't as hard to get up there as I expected and the wind held off long enough for me to finish!
The before pics are from October.

I've listed a few more things on Craigslist ... no nibbles, yet ...

Now, I need to dig out a couple of my aunt's unfinished blankets and all the yarn that goes with them. I won't ever finish them and don't like acrylic yarn, so hopefully, someone will buy them and finish them. I need to move some furniture to get to the drawers all the yarn is in ...

I'm going to barbecue chicken leg quarters tonight. I'm also going to attempt to make organic popcorn in a cast iron Dutch oven on the barbecue!! This will be the first time I've had popcorn in several years. Hopefully, my stomach can handle it!
I got one of the blankets and some of the yarn out that was in my closet. Now, to move furniture ...

There was more yarn than I remembered ... hope I can sell it all!

Well, the belladonna bulbs are getting picked up in a few minutes. At least all of the extra plants will be gone until next year when they multiply again.

Well, the bulbs are gone. If I could just sell as much as I can give away!!

Finished another puzzle last night. I'm starting on the doll puzzle now.

Getting the barbecue stuff set up, so I don't have to rush later.

Chicken and onions are on the grill. I'll add the Dutch oven with the popcorn in it when I remove the onions and turn the chicken over in about 20 minutes.

I. Am. Stuffed. We had barbecued chicken, barbecued onion, barbecued popcorn, olives, and raw milk. All of it was YUM! I was surprised the popcorn turned out so well as I'd never made it that way before - in a Dutch oven over a flame! Almost all the kernels popped and I didn't burn it! Now to wait and see if my stomach gives me a problem about eating it ...

I have started making the gates to block off the critter room and my office. Tomorrow, I want to start painting the old exercise pen black. That's what I had been using as a gate, but it is so heavy and many times it just falls over and hits my desk or the shelves ... :/
The fabric will be sewed like a pillowcase or pocket for the PVC pipe frame to slide into. Then, one end will have little grommets along the edge for ties to go through.

Ooh, a possible bunny nibble. Hopefully, he'll come tomorrow and buy one!

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