Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015

I sold a bunny! One of the black ones. So, still have one black and one Harlequin-marked. :)
I didn't go for my walk in the park today. :( I had too much to do with the cage-cleaning and trying to fix the kitchen faucet that has come loose from the sink - the bolts rusted out and I don't have anything the right size and no money until Thursday to replace it. So, I am cleaning around it the best I can and then will caulk it in place tonight. Hopefully, it will dry overnight. At least it will keep it from moving for a couple of days.

And, I'm trying not to have a migraine. I was getting the little 'tingles' in my temple and behind my eye earlier ... very frustrating. But, right now, I just have a mild regular headache. Hopefully, it won't become more ...

It's been a pretty nice day, other than my mom being a bitch about Ezra again ... :/

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