Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2, 2015

The plan for the day is to paint. I STILL have 3 small sections of roof eaves to finish from last year. One section, I can reach from the ladder ... the other two, I have to get on the roof and awning. I'm going to do the 'easy' one if the wind stays away.

And, I have to hurry and finish the baby gift I should have finished earlier in the week! I want to take it tomorrow to the craft circle. I seem to get more done while I'm there with no distractions. Baby is arriving a week earlier than I expected. Today, rather than the 11th. Figures! :) So, I'll be mailing it on Monday.

I also have to put together 5 montages of photos for an email photo swap that I should not have joined. A photo for every day last month - each to match a word ... a lot more work than you'd think. I preferred when this particular swap was just for a week at a time. That was easier to keep track of.

Sheriff was two years old, yesterday! I nearly forgot, as I hadn't turned the page on the calendar!!! He was such a tiny baby when I found him - maybe 3 weeks old. I was so glad when he finally stopped growing!! But, such a handsome boy!
May 22, 2013 - he was so tiny, he barely fit in the palm of my hand. He was so injured, I wasn't sure he would survive.
Two years old and 9 lbs. of solid muscle!
Not a sign of his injury. Coconut oil was all I used on the wound!
I need to get the outside pen set up, so I can start letting the rabbits outside again. Maybe tomorrow.

Time to get ready to paint ...

I did it!
Hopefully, next week, I can get on the roof and do the other part that needs done!

Now, I need to rest and then go out and decide where to plant the sedum and verbena I bought yesterday.

Going to barbecue pork steak and potatoes this afternoon.
For lunch, I'll have a smoothie. I think I will make some smoothie-cicles, too. I've never done that, but have been thinking about it for a while.
Ah. The baby has made it into the world. :) Another I can spoil long-distance. hahaha!

Oh, good one for today's 30x30 nature challenge!
I'm planting verbena after lunch!
David Suzuki's photo.

I just spent the past hour trying to get my mom to understand her damn new coffeemaker ... ugh.

I'm going to jump on my mini trampoline and then go out and do some planting ... before my mom waylays me again ...

Planting done!
I split the sedum in three parts to put them around the verbena.

Neighbor Martin and family are hosting their synagogue in their yard again this week. Everyone is starting to arrive. Hopefully, they will end at a decent hour again. Last week wasn't bad, other than the weird horn sounds! ;)

And, the horn-blowing begins ...

Barbecuing is almost done! I am so hungry!

Outside synagogue is done. :)
And, I finished making the photo montages in time to send them before the deadline! Nothing fancy!

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