Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23, 2015

It has been a mostly annoying week ... I hate banks and am trying to find a way to totally eliminate having to use them, but it's nearly impossible. My work will only pay with direct deposit. And, I have 2 bills that have to be automatic payments ... very frustrating. One little mistake snowballed into over $200 in overdraft fees. That ate up all of my check 2 weeks ago and a third of last week's check. And, to top that off, the kitchen sink faucet broke. So, I had to buy the cheapest crappy faucet to try to install today. So, no Saturday bike ride again ... and no March Against Monsanto ...

But ... I've done a lot of picture-taking, mostly for email photo swaps and I finally learned what I'm doing wrong in my loom knitting that made the cast on side loose. I'm going to practice the new technique I learned this weekend. This is the vid for it:

So, here are all the photos I've taken this week!
I took these pictures for a swap, showing water in nature. We have a severe drought, so this little man-made pond down the road from me may not have water much longer ... but, for now, this little Snowy Egret has a place to run.
My second attempt at a loom-knit dishcloth. Better than the first one, but still too loose. But, I will try the new trick I learned on the next one.
Another puzzle finished. I really liked this one.
The bunnies at ten weeks old.
Most of my Breyer horse collection.
And, my mom is is in another 'mood' ... most of the week has been 'walking on eggshells' around her ... like I don't have enough stress from the bank problem ...

The following pics were for a swap: "These are pictures of my day, today! Most days of the week are like this, when I work. I'm a merchandiser and drive to various stores and service the reading and sunglass displays."
1. This is a dragonfly that had stopped to rest on the screen on my door! I met it on my way out this morning.
2. This is the trunk of my car. The white buckets (there are two stacked together) are used to get 'bunny greens' from my local co-op for my rabbits. I go nearly every day. The big black thing is what I carry all of my work supplies in. It's like a rolling suitcase, but I think it was originally made to carry craft supplies! It has a long handle that pulls out and wheels. Those are my folders for the stores I serviced today. And, of course, all of my reusable grocery bags, etc. are in the trunk.
3. One of the many stores that I service.
4. I see lots of streets since I have to do a lot of driving.
5. One of the many displays of reading glasses that I straighten and dust.
6. One of my favorite places. My local food co-op. I sit at the patio and read and eat my lunch.
7. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, I feed these critters.
8. Every evening I work on jigsaw puzzles while listening to old radio shows.
9. I exercise every day with these.
10. And, I get cuddles from Nikky.
Well, today, I have to fix the kitchen faucet. Hopefully, it won't take too long. I also want to get the PVC gate done today. I decided to make it shorter than I originally planned, so it won't take as much fabric to cover. Then, I can take the old exercise pen outside and maybe start painting it this afternoon. We'll see. Depends how long it takes to do the faucet.

Oh, and Dish finally sent the box and stuff to return their digital box. So, got that shipped. Not sure what to do with the actual Dish, now, though. Scrap metal? I shoved it under the house when I took it down last month. Don't want to leave it there, though ...

I did it. New faucet installed. Sad that I didn't have the money to get one with the sprayer attachment. Will have to get that next month, if I can. We use it all the time! :/ It's the ugly-ass, cheapest one from WalMart. It was $13. But, I did it in about 30 minutes ... after I went back to OSH because I had bought the wrong size faucet hoses the other day.

Yesterday, I finally disconnected my desktop from the wifi and put it on ethernet. Once I rearrange my desk area and a few of the shelves, I'm going to disconnect the wifi entirely and just hook it up when I need to use the laptop or tablet in another room.

I've got the fabric cut for one of the PVC gates and will sew it after lunch.

Just got back from Davis. I went to the co-op for bunny greens and they were slim pickin's today. So, I stopped at the Davis Farmer's Market and scored! Two HUGE bagfuls of carrot tops and other discarded greens. I may have enough for the bunnies to last until Monday! Yay! I think I found another good source of free food for the bunnies, if I'm able to hit all of them at the right time. There are several other local farmer's markets during the week. I'll have to make an effort to check them out this week.

I've got most of the gate finished. Just need to hem one end and put the grommets in.

Can't find the grommets ... :( I know I have lots of them ... somewhere ... I found snaps, though. So, if I can't find the grommets, I'll put in snaps.

Dinner is smelling goooood. I'm so hungry! I'll finish the gate after dinner.

Huh. I found my rabbit ear tattoo kit. Didn't think I still had that. I have so much 'stuff' ...

Finished! I used snaps. Looks pretty good. I'll measure the frame for the laundryroom hallway tomorrow. It will be smaller.
Oh, here is a close-up of the fabric:

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