Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

Done cleaning cages. Decided to cancel on my park walk with Teresa. Forgot it was the holiday weekend and the park will be packed, I'm sure. I wouldn't enjoy myself with so many people. So, I'm going to sew again today! I need to measure the PVC pipe and fabric for the hall gate. The one I made yesterday worked great this morning keeping Nikky out of the critter room and since she couldn't see through the fabric ... NO whining!! Yay. Usually, she whines so much I have to put her in her room (crate in the bedroom.) She has a very irritating, shrill whine.

Must find food. Bacon, I think, will do the trick!

Almost done with the gate. But, my back is killing me today. I strained it a couple of weeks ago and it is really hurting today more than it did the past weeks!

I need to finish the hem and add the snaps to the gate cover and then will be done with it.


Little Boy and Squabbie are setting two new dove chicks. Hopefully, they will survive in this hotter weather that started back up! One hatched last night and the second in the past couple of hours. Big Boy and Little Girl are on 2 eggs, so may have more chicks soon.

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