Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Today did not start off well for me and I am still upset. I murdered a jackrabbit with my car ... first time I've ever killed anything besides bugs with my car ... and, I can still see him hopping toward me down the middle of the ramp ... I swerved, but not enough ... I cried for over an hour and still want to cry. He was so full of life ... I've killed a lot of animals, but always with intention (for food, euthanasia, etc.) But, this got to me. :(

So, I serviced the store I was headed to and then came home. I stopped at the man-made pond down the road and walked the path around the pond and watched all the birds and saw a lizard. Calmed me down a bit.
That went well with today's ‪#‎30x30Challenge‬ tip: open your eyes, open your window and look outside.
Now, I'm going to sew. I got about a third of the way through the baby gift at the craft circle yesterday. I hope to finish it today.

I finished the baby gift!! I took a few different pics of it to see how it looked.
Next, I really need to finish my moccasin repairs! I keep putting them aside ...

Hell ... as if my day wasn't bad enough to start, now I've discovered that I've accidentally deleted about 8 months worth of saved emails ... gone ... damn.

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