Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5, 2015

The day is starting with a niggling feeling in my temple ... stay away migraine!

Well, since I have no friends or co-workers, I'll go for a walk in the park after work and work on the balance beam some more!
Feeling a bit better after my lemon/honey water. So, off to work I go ...

It was a much better day than yesterday. I didn't kill anybody. At least I got two stores serviced today! haha! I got my oil check, such as it is ... not sure what's going on, but they are taking more than two-thirds in deductions!! I got barely $130 for two months of royalties!!!! I have NEVER had such low payments since I inherited the shares. It's almost down to what my grandmother used to get in the '80s ... :(
Oh, well ... I got a few groceries and I went to the new GoodWill again and found 2 unopened jigsaw puzzles again AND an unused wooden lap loom! And, I still have enough left to get the pipe and other stuff I need for the water line repairs ...
And, I did go to the park before I came home and read two chapters, walked and used the balance beam. All barefoot! :)

This was such a good series to listen to:
B00FD7I9XK BOLD VENTURE - OLD TIME RADIO - 2 CD - 61 mp3 - Total Playtime: 26:59:07 (Old Time Radio - Adventures Series)
Humphrey Bogart

Now, I'm listening to the Boston Blackie series.

B00CSAQ5OU BOSTON BLACKIE - OLD TIME RADIO - 5 CD-ROM - 199 mp3 Total Playtime: 89:27:45 (Old Time Radio - Detectives Series)

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