Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015

I've been up since around 4! I don't know what woke me up, but I couldn't shut back down to sleep ... and, it's chilly this morning. I can't warm up ...
Debating whether to go to work today ..., and the f.lux on my computer keeps brightening my screen too much ... I may have to adjust it a bit. Bright white right now ... ah, better. Transition speed was on fast for some reason ...

I really need to get under the house and make those repairs, so I think I am not going to work ... I am so worried about finding water damage under there ... we'll see how I feel in three hours ...

Well, my mom is in a 'mood' ...

Well. We have NO leak under the house! So, I can only conclude that the high water bill last month was from when my mom's shower was leaking. I had fixed that issue (temporarily) before the end of the month, so I might assume that the bill would have been much larger if I hadn't. We will see what the next bill looks like. I hate going under the house. It is filthy under there! ;/

So, I have gotten things ready for tomorrow. I am taking the five bunnies to the small animal sale in Orangevale. Hope I can sell them!

Just finished lunch, so I'm going to start sewing. I made a little progress on the dotee doll last night:
I finished it! A couple hours ago. I've been making my puzzle for a while and fighting with this computer. Finally had to restart it. I need to do some browser updates and possibly some others. And, check for malware again. I rarely have any, but always good to check. FireFox keeps freezing up and that jams my email program, too ... Technology. Gotta love it ... not. Anyway, here's the finished dotee doll:
Gonna package it up and mail tomorrow!

Finally finished the puzzle! I'll start another tomorrow!

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