Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9, 2015

I hate driving. The traffic was horrible today! Especially, on the way home ... but, it was a pretty good day. I sold the two buck bunnies at the small animal sale in Orangevale! They both went to the same home! :) So, I still have the 3 doe bunnies and they are going on Craigslist tomorrow. Some pics from this morning:
Kayla and her babies.
Doe bunnies
Buck bunnies
At the sale.
I talked to the lady who runs the sale and asked if I could sell pet supplies and animal-related crafts and she said to go for it! :) So, I am going to look into some things I can make that might sell out there and also I already have some pet supplies that may sell there but will get more if they do. Just odds and ends, like small used carriers, bottles and such. Pretty sure I will be making some collars for dogs, goats, etc. Possibly some coats for dogs and goats ... we'll see how things look in the future. Also, simple things like pot holders and such with farm animal designs. The sale takes place at a farm and most of the animals are poultry, rabbits and goats and lambs. And, the occasional dove. haha! No dogs and cats allowed since they might chase, but most there have them at home. There is one guy who sell nest boxes and sprouts. So, the potential is there for selling other things. It's a fairly new endeavor and needs more advertising beyond Orangevale.

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