Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015

Took these pictures of the bunnies at noon. They had watermelon for lunch! All the rabbits did.
Now, to get my paperwork ready for work tomorrow. After nine days off ... I don't want to! :/

Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27, 2015

WooHoo! Sold a bunny. Just have one left from that litter - a black doe.
15 weeks old
Patty's litter got some outside time this morning on the deck. They are 3 weeks old today.
#1 has finally caught up in size to the others.
#2 with Patty.
Darn. Forgot to take a picture of my last completed puzzle before it was put up! I'll have to make it again in the future. But, starting another one now.

So tired. I almost have my office, the craft room and the critter room organized ... as far as where all the furniture goes. Next week, I start organizing the contents of the drawers and shelves and getting rid of stuff I can't sell or just don't have a use for. I think that will clear out at least 2 drawers and 3 shelves! Yay! And, I actually have wall space to hang up my bulletin boards and some pictures!

Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015

I felt like crap the past few days, due to a migraine. Felt almost life-like yesterday, so took my mom shopping at CostCo. And, this morning, I took her to GoodWill. Broke again. But, I'm feeling better, other than the hip problem I've been having the past couple of months. Really hurt bad yesterday. I won't be going on my bike ride again tomorrow, as they are doing the long ride to the Davis Farmer's Market again. :/

These are the puzzles I bought at the thrift store today:

 And, I also found this loom and cotton yarn there!
I can never have enough looms or cotton yarn! I got part of my craft room moved around the other day and hope to get another shelf moved this afternoon. With my hip/back bothering me, it is slow-going. I had hoped to get everything moved while I had this week off, but the migraine really ruined that idea ... Next week, it's back to super-busy work projects. Thursday and Friday, are going to be awful. I have to BE AT the stores by SEVEN! It's a special project and we have to go in before they open. Sucks. I normally don't get out of my bed until 7 and don't leave my house until 9! I'm not a happy camper about it. One of the stores is one of mine, here in Woodland. The other, I am helping another rep in Vacaville! Ugh.

And, this is a great day in US history! The Supreme Court finally recognized that all of our citizens should have equal rights under the Constitution. Well, at least as far as getting into a marriage contract ... :)

I got another bookshelf moved. I think I have to stop, now. Need to check on my beef jerky that has been in the oven (on 200°F) since 8 this morning. Nikky and I have already had a piece or 2 for lunch a couple hours ago. Those were on the edge of the racks and already done. It's the pieces in the middle that are taking longer.

MMM. Having another piece.
I might have another bunny-buyer coming in the morning. I'll have to start on cage-cleaning a little early, I think.

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Whew! What a day! I sold a set of vintage stoneware mixing bowls for $40 around noon. I had no sooner sat down at my desk and there was another knock on the door. My cousin, Curtis! Hadn't seen him in a while. He looks good (he's the one that had heart surgery - again!) Well, he asked if I wanted a CostCo card! Since he had to renew his, he thought he'd let me have the freebie add-on! So, I just got back from there. It really hasn't changed all that much from when I had my old card ... But, I got a few things and there went the money I just made! Ha! But, it was nice of him to think of us for that. He hasn't been doing much, but he and some friends are going to go to Yosemite next month. Lucky! I haven't been since I was about 15!

And, ... I have a migraine. It finally arrived ... :( I have too much to still do today!

This morning my mom and I did get all the dead leaves cut back on all the bulbs and flowers in the big brick box and bagged them. But, I want to finally start moving the bookcases and get the craft area separated from the rabbits.

Oh, and a couple more things about CostCo ... plastic every-freakin'-where and on every-freakin'-thing! Seriously! Sucks! And, I didn't get a chance to make a smoothie for lunch, so I grabbed a little one there (in a plastic cup with plastic lid and plastic straw ...) EWWWW. Mouthful of sugar! I don't remember smoothies/slushies being so damn sweet. Nothing like what I make. I will never get one from them again, that's for sure! I'm seriously doubting there was really any fruit in it ... :/

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21, 2015

I have a feeling that a migraine might ruin my day ... I have plans! I have to clean cages this morning and I have my walk this afternoon, followed by craft circle! Grrr.

I have to find an alternative to PayPal for my sales for ... reasons ... I know there are a lot of options out there. But, I want something easy for me and the customer to use ... Is there something better than Google Wallet? ... I really don't want to use that one.

Teresa and I walked for an hour and a half. Pretty good! But, damn hot! Saw two beautiful Swallowtail butterflies chasing each other - and my camera was in the car! I ended up coming home afterward, rather than going to Davis. Too hot and not enough gas ... that's okay. I'll still work on my craft project later tonight.

Oh, I did take pics of the bunnies this morning. Removed the nest box, too. They are fine with that! So is Patty!
#1 bunny is still the smallest.
Hay is a great first food after mama's milk
Sadly, Squabbie and Little Boy's fledgeling died while I was gone this afternoon. Not sure if it was the heat or they just weren't feeding it well enough ... it was 4 weeks old.

Luckily, the migraine didn't hit today. Still have this little 'tickle' in my temple once in a while.

Just started another dishcloth - identical to the last one, but for a different swap with the same theme! Haha! This one is going much more quickly now that I have the stitch figured out!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015

I stayed up until almost midnight finishing a loom-knitted dishcloth! I think I finally figured out how to keep the stitches from being too loose on the cast-on side and it has really tightened things up nicely (sometimes a bit too tight, but will work on that next!)
 I like the stitch I used. Made a different look to each side.

I decided not to go on my weekly bike ride ... :( Damn back/hip still bothers me and I really didn't want to haul the eBike up and down the stairs ... I really need to get it back in the shed ... but, she wanted all the damn Christmas crap in there ... I need to sell most of it ...

And, I had to help her move two huge (probably 50 lbs. each) terracotta pots full of dirt and plants UP the damn stairs a few minutes ago ... so, my hip is really twinging now ... (hauled them down the stairs last month ...)

Going to work on a puzzle now. Then, I'm going to make chocolate bark. And, I might get the fabric cut out for the stuffed sloth I am making for a swap later.

I did it! I made a smoothie with a RAW egg in it. First time. Soooo good. This smoothie contains raw pastured milk, raw pastured egg, raw pastured cream cubes (I froze some extra cream in ice cube trays), banana, fresh/frozen strawberries (frozen after I picked them at a nearby UPick farm!), raw cacao powder, almond butter and coconut oil. Mmmmmmm. The milk, cream and egg are from my farmer (fresh on Thursday!)
Flavored egg nog!
Damn. Where has the time gone, today!?

I just made this Healthy Homemade Chocolate. It's in the freezer now. I only used 1 Tablespoon raw honey and added about 1 Tablespoon shredded coconut.

Can't believe it's almost time for dinner! Didn't get the pattern cut out. Maybe tomorrow ... but, I've been working on my puzzle. :)

Oh, I did finally get a lemon branch de-thorned and cut to perch sizes earlier. And, a dead rose tree. Something different for the doves to stand on and also to alternate when I have their perches out to scrub.

Chocolate bark is so yummy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015

It's been a fairly nice day.
The bunnies are 11 days old. They are really getting around!
Finished this little puzzle last night.
I found these at my local co-op the other day. They just started carrying these brands' products. I have tried the Epic lamb and the bison and they are so damn good! I have not tried the Chapul cricket bar, yet. A great alternative to yucky cereal-based 'health' bars.
I just wish they weren't in plastic packaging ... :/

You can't get a suit of armour and a rubber chicken just like that. You have to plan ahead. - Michael Palin

Well, I was going to finish making another loom-knit dishcloth for a swap, but I need another skein of yarn for it. I use 2 strands and I have a variegated red/white/blue, but I want to also have a solid strand in one of those colors ... Must stop at the craft store tomorrow! :)

Two more days of work and then 9 days off for one of our yearly shut-down weeks - there are 2 or 3 every damn year. :( Unpaid, of course ...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14, 2015

This day seems to be dragging, but that's alright. The stupid carbon monoxide alarm kept beeping because the battery was dying. I woke up at 4 am and it took me awhile to realize what it was and where it was coming from ... finally fell back to sleep after 6 and woke up late - 7:30am. But, the critters are done and I moved the tallboy dresser. It really opened up my office space nicely where I put it. And, it no longer blocks the air vent in the ceiling, so I can feel the A/C!
Here's some bunny pics. Turns out the first two are agouti and white! The other 2 are black and white, like mama.
The agouti coloring is showing up on the hind leg.
Agouti is really showing well on this one.
I was hoping at least one of them would be chocolate, like Robin ... oh, well. These will still be pretty babies.

I made a cute little banana-themed dotee doll for a Swap-bot swap yesterday.

And, I'm crazy, but I started a FaceBook group! It's for my sales, mostly ... My two best friends joined and I hope more do, too! We'll see ...

I finished another puzzle! I've been doing this one far too long. I hadn't worked on it every day, as I'd wanted to. So, it took longer to finish ...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015

I am very dizzy today. Good I'm not working! Just have to clean cages. Robin and Sheriff are being fussy, so I better get started.

Cages are done, critters are fed, bone broth is started.

I moved Patty's babies into a bigger nest box. They needed their blanket changed, anyway. Took pics in birth order before I put all the hair and hay in the new box. First-born is smaller than the others, still. They are 4 days old.

Then, I took pics of Kayla and her girls. The girls are 13 weeks old. They will be going to the next Small Animal sale on Saturday morning (along with one of the doves.) If they don't sell, they will be going to Denio's auction in Roseville the following weekend.

I finished this dishcloth last night. It's better than my previous attempts. I used two different stitches. I learned a new trick for my cast-on, which made the stitches a little tighter. So, that's a plus. I have another I am starting on, but can't decide if I want to try it on a different loom with closer pegs, or maybe attempt to crochet again (I am terrible at that ...) I like the coloring on this one.
Mmmm. The bone broth smells great. It's a mixture of beef and pork and lamb bones. Should get it jarred on Saturday.

It rained last night before I went to bed. I stood out in it for about 20 minutes. Was just a light rain. Sprinkles. And, had more around noon today. It's been a nice day (so far.) And, MUCH cooler. It's only 76°F right now. This is the weather and temps I love. Wish it was like this all the time ...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

This has not been a good week ... every time I think it will be a good day, my mother has to open her mouth ... yesterday really got to me. It started off nice. I even went for my bike ride in the morning, despite my back still bothering me. It's good to have an eBike! Fine for a couple of hours after I got home and then all of a sudden a tantrum about tea or lemonade or something like that. I have no idea what set her off ... so, the rest of my day was ruined ... But, at about 7 or so, Patty started plucking!! You wouldn't think a little Dutch rabbit could pluck so much hair and not be bald!
I grabbed up all the hair and put it in the nest box and she had to check it out.
First-born getting away from mama.
Three snuggled in their nest
Self (has white spot on chest and nose)
Broken Dutch
Self (has white star on forehead and white toes)
Four snuggled in their box
They are all four doing fine this morning. Usually, rabbits have their litters in the wee hours of the morning. I was lucky to still be up when she had them. Couldn't go to bed early because I was still upset, and also there was some kind of very loud and annoying block party going on next door (the noisy neighbors ...) There had to be about 50 people out there and half of them kids screaming and bouncing balls ... until AFTER 11!!!

Not sure if they will be black, like mama, or chocolate, like daddy Robin.

And ... my mom is already being pissy this morning ...

I really wanted to get some sewing done yesterday and today ... doubt I'll be able to ... gotta get started on cleaning cages now and then I have my walk with Teresa this afternoon and the craft circle after that (I'll be taking some loom knitting to that.)

And, then, back to a horrible work week, tomorrow. We have some huge reset projects in one chain of stores that is taking up all my alloted work time and no time to service my other stores and stay under part-time hours! Very frustrating. Plus, with my back messed up, moving displays will be agony if the store hasn't put them out already. Luckily, last week, my manager helped me with two of them and the stores had already put the new displays on the floor. So, we just had to deal with removing all the plastic on the glasses. But, I have 5 more of these stores on my list and have to get them done by the 19th.

Done with the critters until lunch-feeding time. Thinking about putting the doves' shelving back together as one unit. Not sure if all 3 cages will fit on it well. Will have to think about it more. Trying to free up some floor space. Might put one of them on a table ... hmmm. We have way too much furniture ... :/

I had been trying to figure out how to eat the rest of this horrible package of sesame seaweed crackers. I do not like seaweed, apparently ... I've had the pack for months ... I finally tried melting some pepper jack cheese on them ... yum! I finished all of them and now I want more! Go figure!

It's just too damn hot. I went on my walk with Teresa and then headed to the co-op in Davis for the craft circle (and got bunny greens.) But, it was so hot on the patio that I only stayed an hour. Couldn't concentrate on what I was working on. Had to unravel it 3 times and my hands were getting sweaty, so I didn't want to ruin the yarn I was using. So, came home, had dinner and now waiting on someone to come buy my old knitting machine ... hopefully, they will show up. I've had so many no-shows on stuff I have for sale this week! It is so frustrating! And, so many don't even read the whole ad! Grrr.

Yay! Sold the sweater machine to a sweet couple of guys! Now, if I can sell the other stuff I have listed so I can list more stuff!

And, if I could just master this new stitch on the loom I'm trying to do! Ugh.