Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015

I am very dizzy today. Good I'm not working! Just have to clean cages. Robin and Sheriff are being fussy, so I better get started.

Cages are done, critters are fed, bone broth is started.

I moved Patty's babies into a bigger nest box. They needed their blanket changed, anyway. Took pics in birth order before I put all the hair and hay in the new box. First-born is smaller than the others, still. They are 4 days old.

Then, I took pics of Kayla and her girls. The girls are 13 weeks old. They will be going to the next Small Animal sale on Saturday morning (along with one of the doves.) If they don't sell, they will be going to Denio's auction in Roseville the following weekend.

I finished this dishcloth last night. It's better than my previous attempts. I used two different stitches. I learned a new trick for my cast-on, which made the stitches a little tighter. So, that's a plus. I have another I am starting on, but can't decide if I want to try it on a different loom with closer pegs, or maybe attempt to crochet again (I am terrible at that ...) I like the coloring on this one.
Mmmm. The bone broth smells great. It's a mixture of beef and pork and lamb bones. Should get it jarred on Saturday.

It rained last night before I went to bed. I stood out in it for about 20 minutes. Was just a light rain. Sprinkles. And, had more around noon today. It's been a nice day (so far.) And, MUCH cooler. It's only 76°F right now. This is the weather and temps I love. Wish it was like this all the time ...

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