Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015

I felt like crap the past few days, due to a migraine. Felt almost life-like yesterday, so took my mom shopping at CostCo. And, this morning, I took her to GoodWill. Broke again. But, I'm feeling better, other than the hip problem I've been having the past couple of months. Really hurt bad yesterday. I won't be going on my bike ride again tomorrow, as they are doing the long ride to the Davis Farmer's Market again. :/

These are the puzzles I bought at the thrift store today:

 And, I also found this loom and cotton yarn there!
I can never have enough looms or cotton yarn! I got part of my craft room moved around the other day and hope to get another shelf moved this afternoon. With my hip/back bothering me, it is slow-going. I had hoped to get everything moved while I had this week off, but the migraine really ruined that idea ... Next week, it's back to super-busy work projects. Thursday and Friday, are going to be awful. I have to BE AT the stores by SEVEN! It's a special project and we have to go in before they open. Sucks. I normally don't get out of my bed until 7 and don't leave my house until 9! I'm not a happy camper about it. One of the stores is one of mine, here in Woodland. The other, I am helping another rep in Vacaville! Ugh.

And, this is a great day in US history! The Supreme Court finally recognized that all of our citizens should have equal rights under the Constitution. Well, at least as far as getting into a marriage contract ... :)

I got another bookshelf moved. I think I have to stop, now. Need to check on my beef jerky that has been in the oven (on 200°F) since 8 this morning. Nikky and I have already had a piece or 2 for lunch a couple hours ago. Those were on the edge of the racks and already done. It's the pieces in the middle that are taking longer.

MMM. Having another piece.
I might have another bunny-buyer coming in the morning. I'll have to start on cage-cleaning a little early, I think.

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