Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

This has not been a good week ... every time I think it will be a good day, my mother has to open her mouth ... yesterday really got to me. It started off nice. I even went for my bike ride in the morning, despite my back still bothering me. It's good to have an eBike! Fine for a couple of hours after I got home and then all of a sudden a tantrum about tea or lemonade or something like that. I have no idea what set her off ... so, the rest of my day was ruined ... But, at about 7 or so, Patty started plucking!! You wouldn't think a little Dutch rabbit could pluck so much hair and not be bald!
I grabbed up all the hair and put it in the nest box and she had to check it out.
First-born getting away from mama.
Three snuggled in their nest
Self (has white spot on chest and nose)
Broken Dutch
Self (has white star on forehead and white toes)
Four snuggled in their box
They are all four doing fine this morning. Usually, rabbits have their litters in the wee hours of the morning. I was lucky to still be up when she had them. Couldn't go to bed early because I was still upset, and also there was some kind of very loud and annoying block party going on next door (the noisy neighbors ...) There had to be about 50 people out there and half of them kids screaming and bouncing balls ... until AFTER 11!!!

Not sure if they will be black, like mama, or chocolate, like daddy Robin.

And ... my mom is already being pissy this morning ...

I really wanted to get some sewing done yesterday and today ... doubt I'll be able to ... gotta get started on cleaning cages now and then I have my walk with Teresa this afternoon and the craft circle after that (I'll be taking some loom knitting to that.)

And, then, back to a horrible work week, tomorrow. We have some huge reset projects in one chain of stores that is taking up all my alloted work time and no time to service my other stores and stay under part-time hours! Very frustrating. Plus, with my back messed up, moving displays will be agony if the store hasn't put them out already. Luckily, last week, my manager helped me with two of them and the stores had already put the new displays on the floor. So, we just had to deal with removing all the plastic on the glasses. But, I have 5 more of these stores on my list and have to get them done by the 19th.

Done with the critters until lunch-feeding time. Thinking about putting the doves' shelving back together as one unit. Not sure if all 3 cages will fit on it well. Will have to think about it more. Trying to free up some floor space. Might put one of them on a table ... hmmm. We have way too much furniture ... :/

I had been trying to figure out how to eat the rest of this horrible package of sesame seaweed crackers. I do not like seaweed, apparently ... I've had the pack for months ... I finally tried melting some pepper jack cheese on them ... yum! I finished all of them and now I want more! Go figure!

It's just too damn hot. I went on my walk with Teresa and then headed to the co-op in Davis for the craft circle (and got bunny greens.) But, it was so hot on the patio that I only stayed an hour. Couldn't concentrate on what I was working on. Had to unravel it 3 times and my hands were getting sweaty, so I didn't want to ruin the yarn I was using. So, came home, had dinner and now waiting on someone to come buy my old knitting machine ... hopefully, they will show up. I've had so many no-shows on stuff I have for sale this week! It is so frustrating! And, so many don't even read the whole ad! Grrr.

Yay! Sold the sweater machine to a sweet couple of guys! Now, if I can sell the other stuff I have listed so I can list more stuff!

And, if I could just master this new stitch on the loom I'm trying to do! Ugh.

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