Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015

Last post of the month! Ha! I haven't posted much this month!

I got a couple of pictures hung today. One in my bathroom and one in my bedroom. Needed to do that for five years!

Finally dumped all the rabbit compost onto the back garden strip. I hope to spread all of our saved seeds back there tomorrow and see what comes up.

Ezra is stalking my desk. He's climbing over everything. I bought organic catnip yesterday and it's driving him wild! ;) He's never had catnip! I've been very neglectful about that!
I'm going to make him a cat toy and then make some for sale. Trying to decide which fabric to use.

I made switchel! It's an old recipe I saw yesterday on The Old Farmers' Almanac site. I used the first recipe on the page. It's not bad. I added a lemon juice ice cube, too. It melted before I took the pic, though!

Done with the catnip toy! He loves it and is drunk already.
The body is about 4 inches long, not including the tail and whiskers. Made from Tandy leather strips and 2 colors of suede, polyfill and organic catnip.
I'll be making these for sale in sets of two for $5.00 + shipping. Leather/fabric styles and colors may vary.

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015


Ezra and Nikky ... being silly.

Yay! Sold a cage. I have gas money for tomorrow!

Bunnies on the loose!!!
#3 is the only one ready for dinner. He's having a feast!
Robin is watching his kids run around.
Parker is not happy that her mama and half-siblings are out and she is not!
Finally rounded everyone up for dinner.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015

I think my mom has finally figured out how to make butter! She just has to work a little more on getting all the whey out of it. But, mmmmm ... fresh, raw, sweet butter. Nothing better!

Cleaned cages this morning. Just finished my smoothie lunch. Third load of laundry started. Now, time to go to the park for my weekly walk. Haven't gone since the bee sting.

Just got home from my walk. The rabbits hadn't been fed their lunch and the laundry hadn't been put away. So, that's what I've been doing since I got home. After I hauled the bike up onto the deck, fought with the locks, changed my clothes, started another load of laundry, closed up the house and turned the air on. Ugh. Still need to finish folding all the rabbits' towels and put them away ... The walk was nice, ... coming home ... not so much. My back is killing me, now.

Well, I didn't get any of my sales items updated today as I had planned. But, I did make a good sale on eBay and hopefully, tomorrow one of my extra cages will be sold if the person shows up!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25, 2015

I've been terrible about blogging this month! But, I have taken LOTS of pictures! So, I think I will spend part of today sorting through them and putting them on here. I'm also going to straighten up the deck today as my mom keeps bugging me (what's new ...) about locking my eBike up out there, rather than putting it back in the shed. She doesn't get the part about lugging it up and down the damn stairs just to ride it! Ugh! But, at least it won't be in the kitchen ... :/

Finally. Got a few things done. Swept the deck & moved some things around so I could lock my bike to the railing and one of the upright posts that hold the awning. And, covered it in a sheet. It's not going to stay out there, though. I will be making room in the shed for it soon. I don't want it exposed to anything that will start rusting it.

So, here are a bunch of pics from the past couple of weeks.
7/9 -
7/12 -
Bee sting. This wiped me out for several days and was still irritated for about 2 weeks. The swelling, redness, bruising and pain finally receded yesterday! The sting site is still visible today ... Damn allergies ... at least I don't get anaphylaxis ...
7/15 - Bunnies! This litter seems to have grown so quickly! I haven't paid nearly enough attention to them. They don't mind being touched, but they are not thrilled being picked up. I must work on that.

7/19 -
7/21 - I'm getting better at loom-knitting washcloths! Both sides have a different design.
7/22 - A fire was started at our newest National Monument - Lake Berryessa/Snow Mountain - by a car wreck. The wildfire quickly spread. It was about 30 miles from here. The smoke settled down in our Valley for a couple of days.
7/23 - I did some traveling for work and decided to check out the wildfire.
I have marked the map so you can see where I went in relation to the fire.
Leaving Yolo (where the farm I get my milk and eggs from is) and heading north. This is heading away from the fire, but you can see the haze from it.
near Zamora
1 mile south of Arbuckle (where I serviced my most northerly store,) heading south.
Parking lot of Pilot truck stop (one of my stores) in Dunnigan, looking south (that's the I-5 interchange)
I-505, south
side of the road, near Madison (near Cottonwood on the map,) looking south
Winters, looking south
Putah Creek Road, heading southeast of Winters
Picture is blurry, but the red dot to the right is a water-drop helicopter. It would fill it's bucket in Lake Berryessa and drop the lakewater on the fire.
The road at the bottom of the pic is Putah Creek Road. It deadends at Pleasants Valley Road and the police were there turning people back, at about the middle of the pic.
Part of Lake Solano Rec Area on Putah Creek, near the Diversion Dam
Leaving Winters
Heading to Davis on Russell Blvd. You can still see some haze in the air.

Last report I read, said that almost 8000 acres have burned. We are lucky in this area that we don't often have such large wildfires.