Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015

Last post of the month! Ha! I haven't posted much this month!

I got a couple of pictures hung today. One in my bathroom and one in my bedroom. Needed to do that for five years!

Finally dumped all the rabbit compost onto the back garden strip. I hope to spread all of our saved seeds back there tomorrow and see what comes up.

Ezra is stalking my desk. He's climbing over everything. I bought organic catnip yesterday and it's driving him wild! ;) He's never had catnip! I've been very neglectful about that!
I'm going to make him a cat toy and then make some for sale. Trying to decide which fabric to use.

I made switchel! It's an old recipe I saw yesterday on The Old Farmers' Almanac site. I used the first recipe on the page. It's not bad. I added a lemon juice ice cube, too. It melted before I took the pic, though!

Done with the catnip toy! He loves it and is drunk already.
The body is about 4 inches long, not including the tail and whiskers. Made from Tandy leather strips and 2 colors of suede, polyfill and organic catnip.
I'll be making these for sale in sets of two for $5.00 + shipping. Leather/fabric styles and colors may vary.

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