Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8, 2015

I haven't been in the mood to blog, lately! Nothing since June 28! I have a lot of pictures to share, though. It's been a busy start to the month with work. Lots of special projects and some very early (for me!) start times, which I loathe and am kind of angry about. But, those early projects are done ... so, hopefully, I can get back on track. They stressed me out!

Critters are clean and having lunch! I took a lot of pictures!
Big Boy checking out the seed bowls while Little Girl perches and baby waits to be fed again.
Squabbie with her baby. Little Boy didn't want to be in the picture!
Chynna Star in the new cage.
Palomar trying to grab the camera strap through the bars! Doveling just wants me to go away!
Damian - you woke me up!
Kayla & Sheriff's last daughter - hope to sell her Saturday ... if not ...
Patty with her & Robin's babies
#1 - doe
#2 - buck
#3 - buck
#4 - buck
Patty & #3
So, here are some more pics from the past few days -
I finally got the ceiling fan put up in the critter room!
I made this cute little sloth ninni for a swap. Made up the design on my own!
My most recent puzzle haul from GoodWill. About half of them are for sale and 3 are for future gifts. All are unopened, except the 2 big ones at the top.
I realllly need to start handling Patty's babies more. I didn't realize they will already be 5 weeks old on Saturday!

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