Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1, 2015

You know, you'd think that the simple way to keep a cat out of your room and not drag your things out around the house would be to close the door. Noooooo. Apparently, you are supposed to leave the door open, yell and gripe about the cat taking your things, stomp around like a two-year-old and go to your room while slamming the door closed ... Yeah, I know ... Is that circular logic? ... :/  Hmmmm.

Anyway ... I got the bunnies listed on various sites and have several nibbles already. So, I might have at least one of them sold tomorrow. We'll see! They are 8 weeks old today.

This day has flown by, it seems. Fed Nikky and the rabbits their lunches 2 hours late! :?

Going to breed Parker and Robin tomorrow. Parker is 8 months old, now. Hard to believe!

Won't be going on my walk tomorrow, most likely. Still waiting on one of the bunny buyers to get back to me on a time to meet ... oh, well ... But, I hope to go to my craft circle in the evening.

I need some raw chocolate milk and then I'm going to finish this puzzle I've been working on all week.

I didn't get the seeds planted ... :(

Finished another puzzle. This is one that is for sale. Just making sure all the pieces are there.

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