Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015

Kind of disappointed. No one showed up for bunnies ... oh, well. But, I have about 6-8 more weeks before they go in the freezer. So, there is time.

Trying to decide if I want to go to the craft circle today ... Not really in the mood ... I think it is the air around here affecting me. It was really unhealthy yesterday. The smoke from all the wildfires has settled down here in the Valley again. It's very hazy and the sunrise this morning was red ... I didn't leave the rabbits on the deck very long this morning. Got them back inside as soon as I could when I was cleaning cages. Closed the house up and turned the air on by 11. Which is a shame as it wasn't very hot, yet.

Making tomato sauce - fresh! I used this recipe - Blender Tomato Sauce
I have searched through our local animal laws and cannot find a requirement for cats to get a rabies vax  ... so, Ezra will no longer be getting one. He never goes outside (except to get the rabies shot every year!!!) and never will. He was due this weekend. So, Nikky is now the only one required by law to get poison injected into her. I wish that titers were allowed instead, but they are not allowed here. Maybe someday.

I need to separate the boy bunnies from Patty and the little girl ... no extra cages, so I'm going to have to go under the house tomorrow and get a couple of bins out from under there to use as temporary cages for them. I have about 20 bins under there.

I should go to the mailbox - I know I got a shipment from Sherwood Forest for the rabbits ... still don't know if I'm going to the craft circle ... my back is bothering me ... so ... I guess I'll stay home ... I do have to go to the co-op tomorrow, though. Shopping and paying bills tomorrow ...

Neighbor Martin is finally putting up a fence ... and, it blocks mine! So, I will pull mine up, I guess, or it will be impossible to get to the weeds between them ... grrr. Wish he'd talked to me about it ... the last time he mentioned it, he was going to start it where mine ended ... oh, well ... I will use my fence panels as part of the railing for the deck when I replace it.

Great. My mom chipped a big section of enamel off the kitchen sink, by the drain. She dropped the crockpot. Luckily, it didn't break.

Made chocolate bars earlier, using ice cube tray. My mom wanted her rice cake crumbs on some of them.
This is the big fire around here now that the Wragg Fire is almost completely contained. It's the Rocky Fire, about 35 miles northwest of me (Woodland.) Almost 50,000 acres ... huge!
It is a wonderful 76°F outside ... It's 90°FFFFFF inside!!!!! WTF!! I'm melting.

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