Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

I am wore out. Took my mom shopping and paid bills.
Went to GoodWill last and found some good bargains. She got some new (to her) mumu dresses, I found a new wire crate for Nikky (the one she is using will become another rabbit cage, which it has done in the past), I got more king and queen-sized flat sheets for under the rabbit cages, some sewing patterns, several packs of latch hook yarn, some denim fabric and a footstool I'm going to re-cover for my mom. All for less than $60.00.

Sold another puzzle on eBay! Yay! Need to get some more listed this week.

Organic apple, raw cream, cashew butter and cinnamon. Mmmmm.

Nikky's new room. Just finished scrubbing it and it's ready to go in the bedroom. She'll move in on Wednesday, after her bedding gets washed. The cage is in excellent, like new, condition. It was just really dusty. Paid only $6.99 for it! It folds down to a thin 'suitcase'.

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