Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015

Busy day cleaning and rearranging cages. I had to get those little bucks separated from their mama and sister. So, Sheriff has a new temporary cage which was Nikky's room. She has a new room - the crate I got at GoodWill. I'm not sure Sheri likes his cage ... he burrowed under his blanket and dumped all of his hay out.
I got ALL of our seeds planted for the year! haha! I emptied every seed packet and jar into a bowl and mixed them together then spread them all out along the back fence. There are carrots, marigolds, basil, tomatoes, watermelon, cantalope, peppers, cucumbers, sunflowers, mixed wildflowers, and many more! Whatever comes up, that will be great and if they don't ... oh, well. We will be starting with fresh seeds next year.

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