Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13, 2015

I was so busy the past few days that I forgot to post a pic of the most recent craft I made. It was for swap - Ninni in a costume. I like how it turned out, too.
Mummy Ninni!
I am so sore from yesterday's volunteering. But, I have to clean cages today, take pics of the bunnies and then take my weekly walk at 12:30.

Critter cages clean! Most of the bunnies are still out on the deck getting some 'fresh' air since it is still fairly cool. I'll bring them in after I finish my lunch smoothie and then will leave for my walk.
The newest bunnies are now 10 days old and their eyes are nearly open. Several keep hopping out of their nest box and driving Parker nuts! ;) She's a good mama.
Still too small for me to see what their genders are ...
The one I thought might be a lilac is actually blue.
The one I thought was blue and white is actually a tortoiseshell and white.
Tortoiseshell Tan-marked
Black and white

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