Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015

I've been having intermittent internet connection problems this past week. I think my router is about done. Luckily, my cousin gave me a modem/router combo and I just need to stop being lazy and get it hooked up and call the cable company to get it working. Just don't feel like it ...

Cages are clean for the day. The rabbits are all out on the deck (in their cages) right now. I'll bring them in after lunch and take pics of the baby bunnies. I took pics on Sunday, but never got around to post them, so here they are:
It's raining! Just brought everyone back in the house.
The bunnies are 4 weeks old tomorrow.
I've decided to get a few chickens next spring. Neighbor Martin has 3 and no one has complained about them. He said there is a space up near the front of the park (near the office!) that has about 20 of them & has had them for quite a while! So, I'm going to get a couple of small hens for eggs, but I am also going to get an incubator and grow out chicks for meat.

I'm actually chilly today. It's only 65°F today. Nice. I'm still barefoot, though! ;)

Bummer. The sun came out. No more rain.

Well, I think I am going to have some hot chocolate, rather than my usual cold chocolate milk I have every night.


Hopefully, my new starter will arrive for my car tomorrow so my cousin can fix my car. I'm still driving my old car that had been sitting in his yard the past year ... clunker ...

Aw, crap! I missed the first episode of Season 11 of Criminal Minds! I'll have to watch it online tomorrow at the CBS website ... ugh.

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