Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5, 2015

Well, it's been a busy few weeks around here. Mostly with work ... and reading ... ha! But, there are new bunnies! Born on Thursday afternoon. Here are pics from a few hours after they were born.
Pretty sure the pale grayish one is a lilac! I'll take individual pics tomorrow, when I clean cages.

Busy morning! I cleaned out my fridge! I had some real science experiments on one of the shelves. So, I dumped out all the old yogurt, ginger bug, kefir, and some other stuff I don't remember ... Now, I'm starting fresh batches of kombucha and raw milk kefir. Might make some yogurt, too - haven't decided, yet.
I also fixed my mom's old electric frying pan ... again ... needed new 'feet' to keep it level. It's nearly 50 years old and still works great - she bought it with S&H Green Stamps when I was little.
I got a couple of free corks from my co-op and drilled holes down the middle to screw them to the pan where the old feet used to be.

Must make lunch, now!

Choc-berry-peach smoothie!
Yay! Sold a cage at a $10 profit!

I've been working on a craft project for a swap this evening. Almost done; will finish tomorrow. I found the kit at GoodWill a few weeks ago and then found a swap with an owl theme and thought this was the perfect thing for it. So, I am making both of the owls in the kit. I copied the patterns, in case I want to make something similar in the future.

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