Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15, 2015

So, I forgot to post these bunny pics yesterday. They just love running around and running over me! Little hellions! They are 6 weeks old today. I need to start advertising them this weekend. And, Kayla will be bred with Sheriff this weekend.
What are you doing up there, Mama!
I've finally decided on chickens - quails just were not going to work out (at this time) upon further research. I am going to get 2 hens for eggs. And, an incubator to hatch fertile eggs that I can get from my farmer and some others I know. So, I can raise up meat. The city ordinance allows for 6 adult hens (but in my space, I know I only have room for two to forage in my little yard.) But, the chicks will be butchered at around 8-12 weeks, depending on the breeds I get. If I find the breeds I want for the hens, I may get them as chicks soon, or wait and get adults in the spring. I'll be getting the incubator before then ... so, I may hatch out the hens I want ... we'll see how it goes. The breeds I am interested in most are Araucana (I used to have some in Florida and really like them a lot) and Brahma (or crosses of those breeds.) I really like the look of both breeds and they are both sturdy with good laying numbers. I have a good sturdy outdoor wooden shelf structure on the deck that I am going to finish off with a couple of nesting boxes, perches and wire mesh front/doors for them to live in at night. They will have the yard behind the shed during the day to run around in safely. And, they will be able to visit neighbor Martin's 3 hens through the fence.

Paloma - my tufted ringneck dove - finally has a chance to be a daddy!! Doveling laid an egg last week! Now, I can finally sell (or eat) the other 3 grown dove chicks! I'd been waiting to see which would bow-coo or lay an egg, so Pal could have a permanent mate. I can't wait until they hatch some chicks to find out what colors they carry and if they will have his tuft!

I finally got my oil check the other day, so I got a 3TB external hard drive on sale at Fry's. Transferring ALL of my videos (movies/TV series, etc.) onto it from all my little HDs. Hope to then hook it up to one of the big TVs to watch them.

Oh, got my car back. Curtis put in the starter on Monday. Got it an oil change today! Finally! Next week, I can hopefully get it to pass the smog test. I already paid the registration that was due last week. Can't get the tags until it passes smog test, though.

It rained about an hour ago. Didn't last long, but I went out to stand in it for a bit. :)

I'm sad that I've missed out on Matthew Gray Gubler's latest limited edition T-shirt design. I have the previous four that he's done, so my collection will be incomplete ... :( I spent too much money today ...

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