Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 17, 2015

The day started out good ... then, my mother emerged from her den ... grrr.

I took some new pics of the doves I'm selling and put them on Craigslist, along with the bunnies. Hope I get some nibbles!
Chynna Star
This baby never got a name ...
It's raining!
Ah, had to go stand in it. Nikky does not like rain.

Still getting a good harvest from the cherry tomatoes - brought 10 in this morning. Along with 4 little hot peppers.

Making a lot of recipes today. Right now, I'm working on Pear Sauce! The hamsters, rabbits and bunnies got the parings for lunch! Big treat. They don't get a lot of really sweet stuff.
Still warm. Mmmm. I filled 6 of these little ramekins.
Next is a new batch of tooth powder. First time I've tried this one. I usually make a paste. And, the first time I'm trying stevia. It's organic and unrefined, so it's still green ... not the white powder that I won't even touch.
Noon ... must eat something! Ah, leftover chicken wings!

And, the next recipe is Magnesium water! I've been wanting to make this for a while. One of the best ways to supplement magnesium. So damn easy!
Sadly, I could not find Milk of Magnesia in a glass bottle! Do they not make it that way any more ...?
Huh, it's raining again ... more ... heavier ... My sheets are hanging on the line ... :/ Oh, well ... rainwater won't hurt them and I have others to put on the bed tonight.

Listening to Daniel Vitalis' Rewilding Podcast #29 with Arthur Haines - Ancestral Survival Skills. I love his podcasts and this one is really great. Arthur is so damn intelligent.

Popcorn! I can't have it too often, but this is 100% organic, so it doesn't mess with my tummy too much. And, made in homemade butter!
Finally got the new modem/router hooked up and activated. Hopefully, my connection won't cut out any more!

And, the sun came out to dry my sheets. So, I just brought them in.

I am having trouble figuring out how to get an external hard drive with USB to hook up to an old plasma TV with HDMI ... I cannot find any adapters. I may have to hook it all up through my laptop, but that screws up the idea of my mom being able to use it to watch videos on that TV ... ugh. She refuses to touch a computer.

Great ... a migraine has hit hard. Damn it.

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