Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 18, 2015

I feel awful ... damn migraine ... couldn't sleep much last night ...

But, I have cages to clean and critters to play with and feed. Just going to go slow today until the pain passes ...

Going to separate the boy bunnies today, too.

Parker and her bunnies are running around, playing, while I take a rest. I bred Kayla with Sheriff and moved him into the double cage. I'll be moving the boy bunnies into Sheriff's usual cage until they are gone.

So tired ...

Blue - male
Jackrabbit - male
Good boys
Rowdy girls
Still feel lousy ... but, I gotta find something to eat, now.

Smoothie ... nice and easy and quick to make.

So, I showed my mom what I'm going to do for the future hens and for the yard behind the shed. And, she showed me which aloe-type plants she wants to move to the big brick box. We'll probably get some of them moved on Wednesday. She seems interested in getting chickens. I told her we'd get 2 and she said 3 and I told her no, as I need room for the grow-outs I'm going to be incubating. So, she was fine with that. I hope to get the incubator on eBay in the next month.

Migraine seems to be ratcheting down, finally.

Getting hungry. We are having organic spaghetti squash with homemade/homegrown tomato sauce, homegrown cherry tomatoes and Aidell's Italian Style with Mozzarella Cheese Meatballs
and topped with Parmesan cheese; and a side of homemade organic pear sauce. And, of course, raw milk.
I find it so weird that when a migraine goes away, you almost feel like you never had one ... I feel great now that it's too late in the day to get anything done other than feed the critters and put them to bed!

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