Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24, 2015

We have a hen in the house! I finally picked her up about an hour ago. It was like pulling teeth to get answers from the gal I got her from. She lives barely a mile away. I had hoped to pick her up this morning. Oh, well. She is here! She is very friendly, too. She's about 1.5 years old. She is a Rhode Island Red, or a cross of that breed.
This is the picture from her ad.
Nikky is obsessing, of course. Whining and carrying on about the new 'baby'.
She was checking out the bunnies in the house while I was setting her food and water out on the deck.
The cage is temporary, until I get the rest of the coop (it's sitting in) painted, tiled and the front put on it. I need to get the wheels on it, too, as it is damn heavy to move.
She's already discovered the hanging bell toy.
I trimmed the feathers on one wing, so she can't fly over the rail and off the deck.
She's blocked on the deck for a few days until she gets used to things, then will go out in the yard during the day. She'll stay in the cage at night, and then the coop once it's finished.

I have another possible bunny buyer coming tomorrow. She's interested in the blue buck. :) Hope she gets him. The money will buy a big bag of organic chicken layer feed at Costco for the hen! I just bought a couple of little bags of treats at Tractor Supply on the way home with her and also giving her some of the doves' feed. Luckily, I have plenty of hay, due to the rabbits! So, it will all work out.

I made this today: Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Blasters Recipe OMG! Yum! And, soooo easy to make.
I started pulling up all the outdoor carpeting (that had been on the deck) from the yard behind the shed that my mom made me lay to block the weeds last year. Have to wait until Monday afternoon to put it in the garbage. Then, I'll start laying out the scalloped brick rings, that I got through Freecycle yesterday, where my mom wants more fruit trees planted along the fence ... The hen will have plenty of dirt to scratch in and I'll be planting clover in sections that I'll fence off so she doesn't dig the seeds up before they take hold. I've bought one can of clover seeds, but I think I will get about 3 more for the whole yard.

Well, my mom wants to name the hen Rachel ... :/

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