Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015

Wow. Where did October go!? It was a crazy, busy month.

Here's a pic of Rachel in her favorite spot. I thought she had got out of her new yard the other day and hunted all over for her. I found her under the cherry tomato plants, behind the shed. She still hasn't laid any eggs, yet ... :/
I've sold all three buck bunnies. Thought I had someone interested in the 3 does, but maybe not.

It rained all morning. That was a nice change! Still might get more.

I finally found a good sieve for separating my kefir grains. Worked great. And, quick! My other strainer took ages to drain the kefir out. So, I just made 4 pints of strawberry/vanilla kefir for a second ferment.

Sadly, I had to throw out my last batch of kombucha! First time I've gotten mold on the SCOBY! So, everything is going to be scrubbed and I'll have to get another SCOBY out of storage (SCOBY hotel) tomorrow.

Ugh. I hate this time change crap. I've been out-of-sorts all day and took longer than usual to get the cages cleaned this morning. Missed my walk in the park ... and, my mom kept bugging me to do more things than I had planned ... missed craft circle again! Now, I have to get Rachel and put her to bed an hour earlier than she was getting used to, before it gets dark.

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