Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 21, 2015

It's been so hectic lately, that I haven't posted anything on my blog. I have taken some picture, though. So, here they are!
 Ezra decided to help me fold the rabbits' blankets the other day.
The 3 does from the last litter (Parker/Robin) - someone may be interested in one and may come tomorrow to see them. After that ... they are Thanksgiving dinner.
These 4 babies were born Tuesday night, so I didn't get pictures until the next morning. There will be more pics tomorrow. They are a Kayla/Sheriff litter. At least one of the Harlequin marked is a Magpie!!! In Harlequins, the orange/black is called Japanese, the white/black is called Magpie. If it's a doe, I may be tempted to keep her!
Here are a bunch of random shots I took to share on FaceBook - I follow several vintage pages/groups and when something pops up that I have, I share mine, too.
My walker and Jolly Green Giant footprint rug - both circa 1963.
Me in my walker in 1964.
King Edward Imperial cigar box
Silver Collapsible Cyclist's Cup - close to 100 years old
Jewelry box - still works! Plays Love is a Many Splendored Thing. It also has a matching Pagoda-style jewelry cabinet. They were my mom's, so are at least 52 years old.
Sully and Elijah. My greyhound and rooster who I used to take to nursing homes to visit when I lived in Florida. 1995.
Elijah was a ham and always a hit when he visited. He would crow on command.
I'm almost finished with Rachel's coop. I finally got the wood strips attached to frame the wire this morning - to prevent snagging on the edges. I still need to install a perch and a removable door sill. I also bought 2 ceramic eggs to, hopefully, get her to nest in there and to stop eating her eggs! We have not gotten one egg from her, yet - just the remains ... She has a lot of bad habits from her previous home that I hope to break before spring. If not ... stew ...

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