Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20, 2015

I missed posting on Wednesday with bunny and dove pics, so I'll make up for that today! It was a very busy week for me with last-minute gift creating! I am finally down to the wire. Last thing is in the freezer and will be packaged tonight. Everything will be mailed in the morning. Hopefully, it will get there by Thursday! Most of the gifts were  made by me - sewn or cooked. Very few store-bought things in the mix.
This year, for work, we aren't having a complete service shut-down for the holidays, after all! So, I have 2 stores to service this week and (I think) 4 the following week and then back to the normal craziness. Glad I won't be totally without money! But, so much for 2 weeks off! Ha!
So, here are today's pics of the bunnies and baby dove. The bunnies are 26 days old and the dove is 14 days old.

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