Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 5-6, 2015

Well, I forgot to post last nights' ramblings, so I'll just be adding todays' ...
December 5
I finished this little Christmas Ninni last night ... I'm not real thrilled with how it turned out, though. But, its already on its way to its new home. Just got back from the post office.
Just looked at the weather forecast and it might rain next Saturday on the parade! Ugh. Need to check with the TROTR people to see what kind of back-up plans there are ...

Now to work on the kitchen sink - I need to finish replacing the sink strainers and drain pipes that I started last month!

Done with the sink, for now. I was missing 2 small parts, so I had to jerry-rig something. At least, there are no leaks that I can find.
December 6
OK. Time for bunny pics. They are 19 days old.

Time to get ready for my walk. I haven't been able to go for a few weeks because of my car and then my back acting up. Back is still bothering me, but not like it was. So, my friend and I are going to walk around inside the local mall. It's too damn cold to walk in the park ... plus, it might rain ...

Just got back from my walk ... friend wasn't able to come. I don't know how that mall stays in business ... less than half of the units are rented and they don't even seem to have much business. Even the Burlingame and Penney's didn't have much action ...

Damn! Just found out I missed the new volunteer orientation for TROTR! It was yesterday!!! Ugh. I may not be able to help at the parade. :( Waiting for a reply from one of the gals that runs the place. I have all my paperwork ready.

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