Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015

Paloma and Doveling finally have a chick! It was hatched on Sunday, but I waited until today to take a picture. Not sure what color it will be, yet. White, wild or pied? And will it have a tuft on its head, like its daddy? We'll see. It does have dark eyes, though!
And, Kayla & Sheriff's bunnies are all girls!
Ugh. Getting rid of that horrible plasma tv that my cousin gave to us a few months ago. Nothing but trouble with it from the first day. I've had enough! It turns off and on by itself and won't turn off and on when you want it to! It's haunted. ;) So, pulled the little flatscreen back into the TV room and putting one of the little old analogs back in my mom's room ... hope to get another little flatscreen next year and recycle both the analogs that we have left. I may need to ask neighbor Martin to help me get the plasma tv out to my car  to take it to the recycler. It's too heavy for me to drag down the stairs by myself, especially the way my back acts up lately.

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