Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10, 2016

I did not want to get up this morning! But, I have cages to clean and critters to pay attention to and lots of other things to do.

And, both of my computers are being slugs! So slow ... I'll have to do some cleanses on them, I think! Ha!

And, my Incredimail decided to crash! Ugh!

Now, my Incredimail won't send ...

So, time to feed everyone. Need to go out to the mailbox and see if my Sherwood rabbit pellets have arrived. Didn't get a chance to go to the co-op this weekend to get more greens. Will have to go tomorrow.

I'm having Cheddar cheese melted on rice crackers topped with red pepper flakes and salami. So good.

Today's list of things to do ...
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Make cinnamon apple chips - done
Organize shelves in bathroom closet - done
Shred old bills/files - done
Clear off big craft table and start a jigsaw puzzle - done
Sort underwear drawer and combine with scarf drawer - done

Rabbit for dinner. With leftover spaghetti squash 'pasta' with lamburger!

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