Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016

OMG! I had so much fun today! I am now a volunteer at TROTR. Today was the new volunteer orientation. Even though I helped out at the Christmas Parade, this was my first real day of volunteering. Met all the horses and other critters, watched one of the therapy sessions, cleaned paddocks, groomed and walked the mini horses, and chased down two escapee draft horses (another new volunteer forgot to lock their paddock gate!) And, the rain held off until we were done! I'll be going every Saturday morning to help out. Hopefully, by spring, I'll get to start doing some riding! Volunteers can ride for free if they show they are committed to continue volunteering.

I hate that I can't keep this house a consistent temperature. I felt great when I was outside this morning. I get home, and I am freezing!!! I've moved into my bedroom and using the laptop again. Sitting on my bed with a heating pad in my lap to keep my hands warm!

Well, Rachel-hen has a new home. Just gave her to neighbor Martin. He had her riding on his shoulder! Hope she works out over there. Now, I can start looking for the hens I really want.

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