Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

It's my birthday! I'm 53 ... Are we having any fun, yet?! Of course not! It's just another day around here ... :/
But, the cages are clean! And, we have bunnies! Patty had a rough pregnancy, near the end. But, she's a little trooper! She bled early (2/2); she had 1 little black bunny on Wed. night - 2/3 (I found him the next morning, cold on her floor - she had NOT started plucking hair, yet - and got him warmed up on a heating pad and then covered in a baby blanket and hay in the nest box before I had to go to work.) He did not survive; my mom found him dead at lunch time. Then, on Friday (2/5), she plucked hair all day and had 5 perfect little bunnies. There are 4 black and one mis-marked Dutch. They are 5 days old, now.
Work has been so incredibly 'busy' the past month or so. Every chain of stores seems to be wanting their displays reset RIGHT NOW! And, the resets all take 3-6 hours each! And, of course, the other stores still need their regular service and we can't go over 8 hours a day (including travel time!) and can't go over 26 hours a week, including project and travel time! Ugh. And, I don't work Wednesdays and we aren't allowed to work weekends ... so, really ... :/ Trying hard not to go over the alloted times takes up more time, trying to figure out the numbers ...

Made Gluten-Free Oven Baked Chicken for dinner tonight. Turned out pretty good. No picture ... I didn't have GF Bisquik (didn't know it existed ...) but, I had some GF Krusteaz mix. Worked fine. Also, had some raw sauerkraut with pepper flakes and garlic powder mixed in.

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