Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 20, 2016

I bought 2 Ameraucana chicks yesterday. The beginning of my tiny flock. They are three days old today. Terrible pictures. Kinda dark and blurry ...
After crying for over an hour, the chicks were happily snuggled in bed. I hung an old feather duster next to their heating pad and they crawled under it! You can see the little gray one's butt! :) They are in a huge old 30-gallon aquarium. So they can easily get away from the heat source if they need to. The heating pad is hung against one end. Many people use a heating lamp for chicks, but I don't like messing with their natural day/night cycle by having a light on them 24 hours a day until they can regulate their own temperature.
I don't think I mentioned it, but Zihna (hamster) died about a week ago. She was almost 2! The only hamster left is Cassia. Anyway, the tank the chicks are in had been Zihna's.
Next week, I may be getting 2 Silver Lace Wyandotte chicks. Possibly.

Oh, I am still doing the list of things to do each day. This is today's list -
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Butcher 3 doves - done
Sew - done
Check bathroom paint and spackle (to see if they are still any good) - done - the paint is still good, but I need new spackle - I WILL finish painting my bathroom this year!
Rename newest video files (Set of James Bond movies and all 9 seasons of CSI New York) - done

I have a stubborn cough, so did not stay at TROTR long this morning. I would have stayed home, but I had already bought 24 apples to treat the 23 horses and Donkey. So, I took them their treat and then came home. Next time, I will remember to bring treats for the other animals (rabbits, bull, llamas, goats and a mini pig.)

Last weekend, I got the part for my car ... I thought ... I got a regular oxygen sensor, but I was supposed to get a fuel/air ratio oxygen sensor! They look almost exactly the same! So, waiting for it to arrive and hope that clears the check engine light for good so I can get the car to pass the smog test!

Renewed my driver's license a couple weeks ago. First time in about 15 years that I had to go to the DMV, rather than just renew online. New picture and thumbprint required ...

"For me, the essence of a medicine man's life is to be humble, to have great patience, to be close to the Earth, to live as simply as possible, and to never stop learning."
--Archie Fir Lame Deer, LAKOTA

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