Friday, February 26, 2016

February 26, 2016

If anyone missed any of my blog posts from a few days ago, go to my blog and you can find them. I had a major computer problem. Still not completely solved, but I now have a new computer!! It's refurbished, but new to me! And, it runs on Win7! It's an HP Compaq. Haven't had one in years, but I think I really like it. And, it has so many USB ports that I don't need a hub!! It also has built-in speakers, but I can switch to external speakers.
Now, I just need to exchange the HD enclosure I got yesterday for the correct one. I took the old internal HD with me, to make sure that I got the right one! The salesman was wrong!! Grrrr. The attachments are not the same.

Got the part for my car (again) and hope this one is the correct one. Will have cousin Curtis change it this weekend and hope it solves the check engine light problem so I can get the smog test done, finally ...

Got my HD enclosure and it is working. Now, to go through it and find all the files I wanted to keep ...
And, my cousin will work on my car on Sunday afternoon.

I did not get any more chicks today ... :( All my play money went to the computer, so nothing extra for chicks this week. Maybe next week ...

Found all my IncrediMail files! So, this weekend, I'll be installing the program on this new computer and replacing the files with my old ones, so I can get my saved emails. I've had to do this before. It's just time-consuming ...

Time to start installing some of my favorite programs, now.

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