Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20, 2016

This year has not been very good, so far ... The past few weeks have been ... upsetting. But, things will work out, I suppose.
I got a fix-it ticket a couple of months ago, because I don't have a current year's tag on my car's license plate (I have until April 19 to prove it's fixed.) The registration was paid on time (last October), but with the check engine light on continually, it will not pass the smog test ... so, I can't get the current sticker ... Finally, I had some extra money to get (hopefully!) the right part to get that engine light off. Alas ... no. After three different parts, it is finally off. BUT!! It now wants to die every time I stop and is running very rough/not idling correctly. And, the brakes are shot and it needs at least one new tire (constant slow leak ...) Curtis has had the car at his house for the past two weeks. I'm using my old car, which has issues of it's own. But, at least it stays running. (It is the car I traded Curtis for, when he gave me the current car ... long story ...) Anyway, my car has over 200,000 miles on it, now. It is going to nickel-and-dime me for parts to keep it running. So, I started a GoFundMe page to get another car. I've added a link to my blog. I am over one-third of the way to my goal to get enough to either outright buy a used car or have a really good down payment on a low priced used car. I actually saw one yesterday that I wouldn't mind having. But, I'm going to be picky about what I get and not jump at the first one I see. I also need to find out if I can use my car as a trade-in of some sort.

Last weekend was the worst, so far. Ezra is gone. He will be the last cat. I am not a cat person, never was. But, I've loved all the cats I've ever had ... I'll miss him. I think I cried more for him than any in the past.

So, I will most likely get another dog in the future. Nikky needs a buddy. And, she misses Ezrie. She's still looking for him.

The bunnies and birds are keeping me very busy. I have 5 bunnies to sell soon. One is from Kayla's last November litter. He's 4 months old and gorgeous. And, Patty's 4 black babies are 6 weeks old and will be ready to go in a couple of weeks. Parker is due any day.
The cross-beak Ameracauna chick will be culled this week. He's having more and more trouble eating and his hatch-mate is 3 times his size ... :( The two younger chicks are doing great, though.
Golden Lace Wyandotte and Brown Danish Leghorn.
This Ameracauna is getting big. Almost ready to go outside.

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