Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016

I've been writing 3/21 on my work papers all day! Wrong date! Oh, well.
After I finished my stores for the day, I stopped at the car lot of an old friend of my dad's ... he remembered me! He's in his 80s and I haven't seen him in 16 years. My dad bought me an old Jeep Cherokee that got me to Florida, back in 2000! Loved that old Jeep. While I was there another person I knew many years ago stopped by - hadn't seen Lee in probably 25 or more years. Whoa. Anyway, Kelly has a car that I really like and might be able to get ... not sure, yet. I want to talk to my cousin about it first. It has a new transmission and 160,000 miles on it. New smog cert. Good-looking tires, etc. It's a Ford Taurus wagon. I only saw one small dent on one of the back doors that's barely visible. Kelly wants $4995 and will take a trade-in. So, ... it is a possibility. I am going to continue looking, though. I may find something better.

I butchered the cross-beak chick when I got home. Poor baby was struggling. Skin and bones. Nikky will have him for dinner tomorrow. Was a little cockerel. The other three chicks are out in the deck coop, getting some fresh air and meeting each other. The older one seems to be accepting the two younger ones. They will come back inside tonight. It's still a bit too chilly at night for the younger two. I will be getting two more chicks on Friday, if plans work out - a Silver Lace Wyandotte and a Dominique. I've wanted Dominiques for years. They are a heritage breed. Hope I luck out and get a pullet (hen.)

Nikky is being an ass. I brought the chicks back in and put them in a temporary bin together. I'm scrubbing the big aquariums tomorrow that they were in. Nikky is going nuts trying to climb up Robin's cage that the bin is setting on! Ugh. She is such a possessive mama - she think all the critters are her babies. And, she MUST SEE THEM NOW. She has a very shrill whine - ouch.
I'm listening to this really cool music - Anasazi Spirit Flute by Stephen Muires. Peaceful.

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